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Limited! Holiday Cookie Batch (3 flavors)

Limited! Holiday Cookie Batch (3 flavors)

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****Please note: Christmas orders must be placed by Thursday December 19th to arrive by the 24th!
Our holiday batch contains 6 amazing holiday cookies -- 3 flavors & 2 of each of the following:

Classic Dough - Nutella - Praline Pecans - Cadbury Milk Chocolate in crisp candy shell

Red Velvet Dough - Cookie Butter - Peppermint Pretzel Thins & Chocolate Chunks

Mocha Dough - Dulce De leche - Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans - Stroopwaffel



At Infused Specialty Cookie Shop - you'll find fresh gourmet luxurious confections all Infused with delicious & decadent fillings. Weighing about 6+ oz each & 4" in diameter & about 1" thick, each large cookie is handcrafted to perfection. With a soft Infused cookie center and perfectly baked surface, we provide an unmatched and ultimate cookie-eating adventure.

Our cookies come in packs of 6 & make for a very luxurious gifting experience!
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-XOXO Team Infused

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