We will be exclusively offering DIY Infused Cookie Kits in JUNE 2020 - Stay Tuned <3

Infused Cookies

Since 2015, Infused Specialty Cookie Shop has offered luxurious cookies all Infused with tasty & decadent fillings. Every thick 4" cookie we sold was meticulously crafted to perfection with truly magical combinations of ingredient mixes, flavors & fillings

Beginning in June 2020 -  we will be passing the fun on to our customers with our gorgeously assembled Do It Yourself (DIY) Infused Cookie kits! Everything you need to create our most popular flavors will be available for you to experience in the convenience of your home. Just add eggs & melted butter to create a fresh batch of 12 large Infused Cookies with your loved ones! 

The only thing better than Infused Cookies? Infused Cookies you baked yourself!

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

-XOXO Hedayah & Team Infused